Why You Need Specific Shoes For Going Boating and Why Boat Shoes Are Popular With Non Boaters

I am sure that you have heard of boat shoes, it is a broad term used to describe a huge segment of the footwear industry. Most of us are familiar with those made by the Sperry Company that have made the word "topsiders" a household name. Native Americans can probably be credited with the original design that shoe makers have adopted and made into the boat shoes of today. Boat shoes today have may similar characteristics of the moccasins that they wore when on the water.

As time went on the boat shoe evolved to become to become a very popular and stylish shoe for the wealthy and affluent that would be seen wearing them on the decks of their yachts. In the fashion world they are classified in between casual and formal. Boat shoes today of course are worn by people who don't even own a boat or may not even go boating just because they are so stylish. With that said many people wonder what the proper environment or situation is for wearing boat shoes. Boat shoes are not really designed for business casual, loafers really should be the shoe of choice for this. Boat shoes are more for a casual sporty look.

Boat shoes are by their very nature, tough and durable due to their original intended use being for wearing on wet ship decks. Still, you need to maintain them properly to keep them in shape and make them last long. The best thing to do is to put oil on them that is especially made for leather and will help to guard against the moisture just as they were designed to. You also should remove the insoles regularly and keep them sprayed with a shoe cleaner that guards against fungus.

The first thing you will want to look for in a boat shoe is a solid sole that will be very durable and guard against slipping, this is good not only for the deck of a boat but for just everyday wear as well. You want to be sure that they fit your foot well and are comfortable so be sure to try on different styles and brands to see what type fits your foot best, even if you intend to make your final purchase online.

Boat shoes of high quality can be expensive so bear that in mind as you shop. If you go for some value priced pair of boat shoes you will probably be disappointed and the quality will be sorely lacking. A good pair will set you back a hundred bucks or so but they will last virtually forever.


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