About Watersmith Kayaking

Since 2008, Watersmith Kayaking has dedicated itself to providing
the very best on-water experiences for our customers, whether they are new to the sport or are experienced kayakers who wish to become certified instructors or guides.  

We take a thorough, professional approach to everything we do, which includes:

Tours: we pride ourselves on our knowledge of every aquatic environment in southeastern North Carolina. Our tours acquaint you with ecosystems from the extraordinarily diverse salt marshes to primordial black water creeks lined with the oldest trees in eastern North America.

We haven’t paddled every stretch of water in the region, but we’re working on it! Kayaks are a great way to explore remote byways and we love to traverse these less-traveled waters with our kayaking friends old and new.

Instruction: Watersmith instructors take their teaching responsibilities seriously. We want to make sure that our students master the skills involved at each level so they can be safe and confident on the water.  

Teaching beginners is one of our staff’s most satisfying and enjoyable endeavors. We offer classes for first-time paddlers, navigators, sea kayakers, surf kayakers, rollers and trip leaders. For a complete list and description of our curriculum, please visit our classes page.  

Consulting: Kayaking’s rapidly rising popularity has created a demand for knowledgeable kayak professionals who can advise businesses, governments, clubs, camps and other organizations that wish to offer programs in this water sport. Watersmith’s wide range of consulting services enable these organizations to provide safe, effective and enjoyable kayaking activities. Our services include training of guides and retail sales staff, facility design, equipment specification and program development.

Contact us to discuss how we may help you. 

  • Robert Smith

    Robert’s paddling life began on the rivers, swamps and ponds of Robeson County, NC.  Paddling with a paddle carved from a 2x4 of juniper in a homemade “Lumber River boat” was his first experience with paddling.  Now, he has been kayaking for 19 years in every kind of kayak and all over the United States.  Eventually, his recreational pursuit became his professional pursuit.  The American Canoe Association has certified Robert as a Coastal Kayaking Open Water (Level 4) Instructor and he is in the process of becoming an Instructor Trainer.  He has been guiding tours and instructing professionally for 17 years.  Before starting Watersmyth Kayaking in 2008, Robert was Head Instructor with Salt Marsh Kayak Co. of Wrightsville Beach, NC. 


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